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Court Victories, Page 3

Additional Criminal Case Victories: Southern California Courts

Our criminal defense law firm has secured numerous successful outcomes. The cases below represent a sample across a spectrum of criminal prosecutions in Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Bernardino Counties. While every case is different, our criminal defense attorneys strive for the best possible outcome through tenacious advocacy even before charges are filed in court. Our firm is available 24/7 for Immediate Confidential Consultations. You should seek guidance with the criminal justice system when you or your loved are facing accusations of criminal wrongdoing.

Medi-Cal Fraud case, over $10 million in alleged improper billing.

Charges dismissed at the end of the preliminary hearing due to insufficient evidence. Client was facing substantial prison time if convicted. (Ventura Court).

False Imprisonment charges dismissed on the eve of trial.

Client settles case for infraction related to having expired sales license, after we presented evidence of defense investigation to prosecutors. (LAX Airport Courthouse)

Baby-Murder Case.

Client is Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, avoiding a life sentence in prison, after a two month jury trial (Los Angeles Downtown Court and San Fernando Court).

Celebrity D.J. accused of Rape.

No charges filed after Pre-Filing Intervention with LAPD Detectives, Pacific Division. (Beverly Hills Court).

Client charged with multiple counts of Felony Assault causing Great Bodily Injury.

All felonies dismissed at the preliminary hearing. Client entered misdemeanor settlement with 1 year informal probation, no jail time or fines. (San Fernando Court).

Public official accused of Rape by Intoxication.

No charges filed after Pre-Filing Intervention with LAPD Detectives, Parker Center. (Los Angeles Downtown Court).

Indecent Exposure charges dismissed due to Statute of Limitations violation.

Firm filed and prevailed on motion to dismiss based on constitutional due process grounds (San Bernardino Courthouse).

Felony Insurance Fraud Case $15,000.

Reduced to a misdemeanor with community service. (San Fernando Court).

Assault Weapon felony case.

Client obtains misdemeanor disposition, with no jail time, enabling him to enter the military (Santa Clarita Court).

Sexual battery charged against juvenile client.

Case dismissed pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 654 (Sylmar Court).

DUI Case with Probation Violation.

All charges dismissed after successful suppression motion (Long Beach Court).

Assault on Police Officer Felony Case.

Multiple charges dismissed. Client receives probation with county time. DA had been seeking over 8 years in prison, and multiple strikes until our law firm was retained for trial. Client had been to prison three times to prison for felony assault. (Long Beach Courthouse).

Drug-Transportation Charges.

Successful suppression motion leads to case being dismissed at the preliminary hearing. (Ventura Court).

Multiple cases involving DUI or under-age drinking in juvenile courts throughout Southern California.

All charges dismissed after successful diversion program.
DUI with Injury Case. Reduced to reckless driving misdemeanor. (San Fernando Court)

Felony Embezzlement $190,000.

Client obtains misdemeanor probation, after paying restitution. (Santa Clarita Courthouse)

Domestic violence

Cases dismissed for multiple clients in Southern California courts (Los Angeles Court, LAX Court, Downey Court, Ventura, San Fernando Court, Van Nuys Courthouse).

Numerous additional cases involved pre-filing intervention by our law firm where no charges were filed after an arrest was made. An immediate investigation and gathering defense witness statements was often the key to causing a dismissal before court proceedings started.

Charges Dismissed as part of settlement to a reduced Disturbing the Peace Charge, an infraction (Hollywood).