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Court Victories, Page 4

Felony DUI with Great Bodily Injury Case.

Probation with house arrest (San Fernando Court).

Rape-In-Concert Case.

Client found Not Guilty after two week jury-trial. He had been facing state prison and a lifetime sex offender registration requirement. (San Bernardino Court)

Child-Pornography Case.

Licensed legal professional charged with unlawful possession, in violation of Penal Code Section 311.11. No jail time and probation, in a case where several hundreds of unlawful images found by law enforcement. (Los Angeles Downtown Court).

Elder Abuse – Financial Crime $250,000.

Probation with work release, after restitution paid. (Ventura Court).

Domestic violence case.

Dismissed due to insufficient evidence. Client had been to state prison for violence in the past. (Hollywood Court)

Juvenile arrested for burglarizing several private garages.

Case dismissed pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 654. Minor will have clean record when turns 18 years old. (Los Angeles Juvenile Court).

Juvenile charged with Felony Assault causing Great Bodily Injury.

Firm secured a Welfare and Institution Code Section 790 settlement: all charges to be dismissed after 1-year diversion period. Records to be sealed and minor will have no criminal conviction (Sylmar Court).

Insurance Fraud $65,000.

Probation with Community Service, after restitution paid. Prosecution had been seeking prison time. (Los Angeles Downtown Court)

Forgery Warrant.

Case dismissed due to successful Statute of Limitations argument. (Ventura Court).

DUI with Injury Case.

No Jail time, in case involving an under-age driver striking a police car. (Van Nuys Courthouse).

Federal Drug Transportation Case. 5-Tons of Marijuana.

Client avoids mandatory-minimum prison term per the United States Sentencing Guidelines. (New Mexico Court)

Client arrested for felony stalking, violation of Penal Code Section 647.6.

Firm obtained a settlement involving a plea to an infraction (Burbank Courthouse)

Kidnapping with Gang Allegation.

Client facing substantial prison time. Case dismissed after due process violation was demonstrated by our defense attorneys to the trial judge. (Los Angeles Downtown Courthouse).

Client arrested for Prostitution.

Sex offense reduced to a trespassing offense, avoiding all jail time, sex offense conditions, and community service requirement (Los Angeles Court, Bauchet Street)

Medi-Cal Fraud with over $3 million in billing.

Case dismissed due to Government Misconduct before preliminary hearing after our firm demonstrated violation of attorney-client privilege. (Los Angeles Downtown Court).

Federal Drug Transportation. 20-Defendant Drug Conspiracy.

Firm resolves case for client with no jail time. (Los Angeles Federal Courthouse.)

Numerous Clients arrested for Prostitution;

settlement by firm causes sex crime offense reduced to massage-permit violation (LAX, Downtown, and Hollywood Courts for multiple clients). One client was on felony probation for rape offense at the time of arrest, and due to charge reduction, no violation requested by probation officer with felony trial judge.

Client charged with misdemeanor battery.

Firm secured diversion program. Offense will be dismissed upon successful completion of program. No conviction on client’s record. (Hollywood Court)

Insurance Fraud.

Misdemeanor settlement, with no jail time, despite prosecutor initially seeking felony conviction with a year in jail. (Ventura Courthouse)

Client charged with Theft and Battery.

Charges Dismissed as part of settlement to a reduced Disturbing the Peace Charge, an infraction (Hollywood).

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