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Criminal Attorney in Los Angeles

Before Charges Are Filed

For people who watch crime shows and enjoy such dramas as CSI and Law & Order, you know that the first 24-48 hours after an arrest are the most important to a police investigation. However, they are also the most important to any criminal defense attorney who can begin to compiles a case for his client before charges are filed. Many people wait far too long to after an arrest to reach out to a lawyer who can help them stay out of jail.

Consult a Criminal Attorney Before Charges are Filed

Talking to a reputable lawyer can help your understanding of the potential charges against you, the nature of your arrest and any potential legal tools you can use to stay away from serious penalties. Many times, if you involve a lawyer early enough, you might be able to avoid being prosecuted for the crime you allegedly committed. Few people other than criminal lawyers understand the ins and outs of the justice system, and the process of going from arrest to being charged to going to court to jail is fairly complicated. Someone who has worked for the Los Angeles District Attorney's office who understands how prosecutors work can educate you while defending you.

Our Defense Team Will Protect Your Legal Rights

The contact you had with the arresting officer or officers could make a huge difference in your overall defense, and can impact the best way to craft your legal defense. For example, if you were stopped for a DUI, you may have been involved in an illegal DUI stop. If you are not fully aware of the laws governing drunk driving arrests, you might have no clue that such a thing exists. If you were arrested for domestic violence, there are also a long list of protocols that police must follow, and only a knowledgeable attorney will know how to make sure the police obeyed the law.

Contact Our Experienced Lawyers To Review Your Case

In many situations, a lawyer can review your case and discover evidence that actually helps YOUR case, or even mitigating factors that make it clear the police did not abide by their own regulations. At our firm, your initial consultation will be spent analyzing your situation, your arrest and all the potential ways our criminal lawyers can craft an excellent defense.

At Eisner Gorin LLP, Our defense lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience in criminal law practice and are capable of having your criminal charges dismissed before they are filed. If we are unable to obtain a dismissal, we can provide you with the best legal representation in Los Angeles and surrounding communities. Over our decades of practice, we have become familiar with prosecutors and judges at each courthouse. If you or someone you know has been arrested and wants to talk to someone before charges are filed by the police, call our law firm let us begin working on your case.