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Los Angeles Federal Medicare Fraud Lawyer

Federal Medicare Fraud Attorney in Los Angeles

Medicare fraud, just one type of healthcare fraud, comes in a variety of different forms but there are three general types of Medicare fraud. The first of which is billing for procedures, tests, and equipment which were never needed in the first place and were never actually used or performed. Another type of Medicare fraud involves patients who agree to lie about services they never needed and/or never received. These patients receive a "kick-back" for going along with the medical care provider and agreeing to lie about receiving services. Lastly, medical providers will sometimes use Medicare billing codes for a patient which inaccurately shows that the patient needs expensive procedures when in reality, they do not. Being charged and convicted of Medicare fraud can come with a lot of life-altering and harsh consequences, the most serious of which is the loss of a professional license. Your professional license is your ability to earn a living. Do everything you can to avoid such a consequence, obtain the representation of a knowledgeable and skilled federal defense attorney from the criminal defense firm of Eisner Gorin LLP.

Federal Medicare fraud cases can involve a lot of paperwork and can become very complex. Our lawyers are dedicated and will work tirelessly to know the ins and outs of your case in order to develop an effective defense strategy aimed at breaking down the prosecution's case against you. With over 50 years of combined experience, our attorneys are well-versed in the law and procedure of state as well as federal courts. We have the experience, skills and resources to get you the best possible results! Contact our office to speak with an expert federal Medicare fraud defense lawyer.