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Government Corruption Defense Attorneys

At Eisner Gorin LLP, our Los Angeles Criminal Fraud and Corruption Defense Attorneys understand the complexities of police investigations tactics and the inner workings of federal and state investigations. Our lawyers work immediately, even before charges are filed in court, to gather exculpatory evidence for our clients. The firm’s private investigator is available to interview defense witnesses and document exculpatory evidence the government may have missed.
With the government and the media increasingly analyzing the operations of municipal and state agencies, local city council, and other local public officials, you will need a skilled, experienced Corruption Defense Lawyer with a successful track record. Our legal team has over 50 years of combined experience defending our clients in criminal trials, pretrial motions, appeals and more. The firm provides a tenacious courtroom defense, working towards a complete dismissal of criminal charges.

Los Angeles Corruption and Government White Collar Crime

Throughout the country, and especially in Los Angeles, California, government officials and employees have been under close investigative scrutiny. The local District Attorney’s Office has also been aggressive in pursuing public officials and state employees. Our criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors and understand firsthand how the government builds its case for court. It is often difficult for a defendant to receive a fair trial when the story is in the local media daily. A change of venue motion may be one appropriate legal strategy.
The firm’s defense lawyers have defended clients in all manner of government corruption accusations, and white collar crimes, including the felony charges of:

  1. Embezzlement
  2. Misuse of public funds
  3. Accepted bribes or gratuities
  4. Granting corrupt favors
  5. Other violations of oath of office

Corruption, Fraud and Government White Collar Crime penalties are very severe. Years in prison, serious fines, loss of professional licensing, years on probation - these are all potential consequences of being convicted of a corruption offense. Without a qualified Los Angeles Corruption Defense Attorney working on your behalf, you will be at the mercy the local courts looking to make examples of public officials, councilmen, mayors, and other public employees.

  • Immediate Intervention before Charges Filed
  • At Eisner Gorin LLP, our fraud and corruption defense attorneys will provide an aggressive legal defense before the case is even in court!
  • Our attorneys and investigative team are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to provide you or your loves ones with an immediate legal defense and investigation. Don’t wait for charges to be filed in court! If a search warrant has been served, a grand jury summons has been issued, or the police are asking for an interview, you need representation before the matter is officially charged in court.

Contact a Los Angeles public corruption lawyer for a free case consultation.