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Los Angeles Prostitution Attorney

Criminal Lawyers for Sexual Related Crimes

Prostitution is a misdemeanor offense under California Penal Code ยง 647(b). Prostitution is not only money exchanged for sexual intercourse, but money exchanged for any lewd act between two people. A lewd act is generally the touching of the private parts of another person for the purpose of arousing or satisfying a sexual desire.

To be convicted under this statute, which applies both to the solicitor of prostitution services and the provider of prostitution services, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (1) you either offered or accepted an offer to engage in an act of prostitution; (2) you had the specific intent to partake in that act of prostitution; and (3) you performed some action, beyond just agreeing, to further accomplish that act of prostitution.

Although the law does not require you to register as a sex offender if you are convicted of this offense, the Court can still order you to do so if it finds that you committed the offense out of sexual compulsion or for sexual gratification. Since registration as a sex offender is not automatic in these cases, it is very important that your attorney be able to present you in the best light in order to prevent you from having to register.

Loitering for Prostitution

Under California Penal Code Section 653.22, it is a crime for a person to delay, linger in a public place where they did not have a lawful purpose for being there and their specific intent was to commit prostitution. In Los Angeles, this is a common law used by police to arrest prostitutes for loitering. For example, if a prostitute repeatedly stops, beckons, or engages in conversations with people passing by in a manner that indicted they are soliciting prostitution. This law also applies if they attempt to stop vehicles by waving, calling out, or gesturing to drivers or passengers to engage in conversation in a manner that indicates a solicitation of prostitution act.

Contact an Expereinced Prostitution Defense Lawyer

Despite the fact that a prostitution charge is a misdemeanor sex crime offense, the social consequences of such a conviction can be damaging and broad. Your reputation within your community, as well as your relationships with your family, friends, business associates and colleagues can suffer.

Because the consequences can be so severe, it is highly advisable that you are represented by a highly skilled and aggressive prostitution crime defense attorney who can negotiate effectively with prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement officials on your behalf. The legal team at the top-ranked firm of Eisner Gorin LLP works tirelessly to achieve the best possible results in your matter, whether that occurs during the negotiation process or in a trial in front of a jury.

With over five decades of combined years of experience working in criminal law, we have extensive experience defending individuals facing all types of charges, including prostitution. Because our lawyers are former prosecutors, we understand what the prosecution needs to build their case, so we know what it will take to break their case down.

Contact a prostitution attorney today for aggressive defense against your charges and to protect your freedom.