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Los Angeles Theft Crime Lawyer

Criminal Attorneys For Any Type Of Theft Offense

Whether the economy is in a good place or on shaky ground, police, prosecutors and the courts will severely prosecute those who are arrested for theft crimes. The reason criminal defense attorneys in large cities are highly sought after is because in a city with so many "haves" and "have nots," theft is a serious issue throughout the city.

Experienced Legal Defense

If you have been arrested for, charged with or investigated for a theft crime in California, our theft crime lawyers can provide top notch defense, advice and counsel. With over 50 years of providing legal representation, including many years in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, our attorneys possess the experience you need to protect your future and your freedoms.

Types of Theft Crime Offenses

Whether you are in Van Nuys, Glendale or some other part of Los Angeles, theft crime laws can provide severe punishment. Jail time, penalties, restitution, loss of career opportunities and more are all potential penalties a judge could send your way. Theft crimes in Los Angeles include robbery, armed robbery, burglary, auto burglary, carjacking, larceny, identity theft, forgery, grand theft, grand theft auto, petty theft, shoplifting, joyriding, receiving stolen property, and more. Our criminal defense lawyers also understand a number of white collar theft crimes, which can include wire fraud. Theft encompasses more than just pick pockets or Oceans 11 type crimes. Young people, the elderly and everyone in between can face years in prison for being convicted of a theft crime.

Understanding Different Forms Of Theft Charges

One item many people misunderstand are the different definitions of theft. Petty theft involves stealing another person's property with the total amount adding up to no more than $400. Grand theft would be any crime that involves theft of $400 or more. Your criminal defense attorney will understand that the penalties will be more severe for a grand theft conviction than for petty theft, so figuring out the value of items might be important. For example, stealing a 2 year old i Phone should have a lower value than stealing a new i Phone, but only a skilled lawyer will understand how important it is to know this value.

Contact an Experienced Theft Crime Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been arrested in Los Angeles, San Fernando, Van Nuys, San Bernardino, Riverside or Orange County for a theft crime, contacting a highly skilled attorney is absolutely vital. It could lead to years being taken off of your sentence, or added on. It could be the difference between performing community service or having to pay thousands in restitution. At Eisner Gorin LLP, we are very familiar with theft laws and may be able to have your charges dismissed or reduced.

It is critical that you speak immediately with a qualified lawyer at our law firm so that we can thoroughly evaluate the specific details of your case to develop a strong defense strategy. We have successfully defended many clients who were facing a theft offense and were able to obtain excellent results when at first it appeared indefensible. We know how to build a strong legal defense against theft crimes and have the experience to negotiate the best possible outcome for your case.

Contact a Los Angeles theft crime defense lawyer for strong legal defense against your charges.