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Los Angeles Auto Burglary Attorney

Criminal Lawyer for Vehicular Burglary Charges

Auto burglary and related crimes (grand theft auto) are taken seriously by the Los Angeles Police Department and the California Highway Patrol. Anyone arrested for auto burglary will face severe penalties on all fronts: jail time, fines, restitution, loss of driving privileges, a strike on California's three strike law and much more. If you have also been charged with a weapons crime while committing this type of theft crime, it could make things even worse.

California Auto Burglary Law

Under California Penal Code 459 PC, auto burglary takes place when someone enters a locked automobile or the trunk with the intent of committing a theft, or a felony crime. If a vehicle door is unlocked and you steal an item inside the car, you would not be charged with auto burglary, rather a theft offense could be filed. If you entered an unlocked car with the intent to steal an item, but there were no items in the car, you could be facing charges of attempted theft, criminal trespass or even auto burglary. In order to be convicted of auto burglary, evidence must exist that you made entry in to the vehicle by unlocking the doors or trunk, or breaking the windows. The Intent at the specific time of breaking and entering the vehicle is the important factor in determining what type of charge you could be facing.

Legal Penalties for Auto Burglary

Under California law, auto burglary is a second degree burglary that can be filed as a misdemeanor or felony crime. To determine what type of charge to file, prosecutors ill normally consider the defendant's prior criminal record and the specific circumstances of the offense. A conviction for a misdemeanor auto burglary charge carries a maximum sentence of one year in county jail, three years informal probation, with possible fines and restitution. A conviction for a felony auto burglary charge can result in a much harsher sentence. Sentencing can range from county jail time and probation to a maximum of three years in a California state prison.

Contact a Los Angeles Burglary Defense Lawyer

At Eisner Gorin LLP, our criminal defense lawyers have decades of combined experience defending people charged with these types of crimes. The lawyers' experience includes years working in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, which gives them an in-depth knowledge of how prosecutors, police, judges and juries operate. This experience can be vital to anyone facing a ruined life of an arrest. For years, our lawyers have defended people in minor misdemeanors and large scale felony investigations. The firm's successful track record has made the press as well.

If you have been arrested for, charged with or investigated for auto burglary or any other theft crime, contact our law firm today at 877-781-1570 for your free consultation. The firm will use its full resources to defend your case, no matter how complex or life threatening it may be. If you need an ally in your fight to stay free from jail, look to our firm and let us defend you in and out of court.

Contact a Los Angeles auto burglary defense lawyer at our law firm to learn more about your legal rights and options.