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Los Angeles Joyriding Defense Attorney

Criminal Lawyers for California Vehicle Code (VC) 10851

In legal terms, joyriding is operating another person’s car, motorcycle, or boat when you do not have permission from the owner. In simple terms, it is basically driving around in a stolen vehicle without any particular goal in mind. Joyriding is different than auto theft in that the person who is joyriding does not usually intend on keeping the vehicle permanently. However, it is still considered a theft crime offense in California punishable by law. Even if you are just a passenger in the car, you can still be charged with joyriding. The prosecutor is not required to prove in court that you had a specific intent to steal the vehicle. This crime can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony offense that can result up to one year in jail.

Statistically, joyriding is normally committed by male juvenile offenders because they believe it is fun, exciting, and a status symbol among their peers. Most juvenile offenders commit this offense in a dangerous and reckless manner that is a threat to public safety. In many cases, joyriding leads to accidents that cause either injury or damage to property. When this occurs, the driver and passengers can be held responsible for paying for damages.

Juvenile Court System

When the defendant is a minor, the juvenile court will usually have jurisdiction over the case. Under the juvenile court system, there are many offenses they consider delinquent acts rather than a criminal offense. In deciding how to charge an offense, they will consider the exact nature of the crime, age of the minor, criminal history, among others. The legal penalties for joyriding can include community service, counseling, house arrest, detention, and a suspension of their driver's license. Therefore, if your minor has been accused of a crime, you need to contact an experienced juvenile criminal defense lawyer at our law firm as soon as possible.

Contact Experienced Legal Defense for Joyriding Crimes

Joyriding seems like a funny thing teenagers do, maybe a harmless activity that a person's kids do when they have nothing to do. Unfortunately, the penalties for a joyride are severe and can lead to a lifetime of legal problems even for someone arrested as a minor. This type of theft crime offense does not require an intent to not exist. For example, a teenager might steal a car and drive it around aimlessly because they are bored and want to enjoy someone's nice luxury car. The law meanwhile may punish that person in a way that suggests they had some type of malicious intent in stealing the car.

For minors, or others, arrested for taking a joyride, it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney who understands the laws, police and courts throughout Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. This means they will need an attorney who has years of experience, has a long track record of success and who understands how the prosecution works.

At Eisner Gorin LLP, our criminal defense lawyers have defended countless theft crimes, including those who have been arrested for taking a joyride. We understand criminal law, we have over 50 years of combined experience which includes years in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office. Our knowledge of police tactics, prosecutor negotiations and how judges operate are a huge advantage for our clients.

Contact a Los Angeles joyriding criminal defense lawyer at our law firm to learn how we can fight your charges.