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Eastlake Juvenile Court Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Lawyer for Juvenile Criminal Offenses

The Eastlake Juvenile Court in the Central Juvenile District located just east of the 5 Freeway and just north of the 10 Freeway, the court is near one of the campuses of the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles County Detention Center. It is also near the Los Angeles Public Work office, the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Los Angeles County General Hospital.

This courthouse was formerly known as Central Juvenile Hall and was created in 1912. In 2004, the court went through dramatic renovations due to an overcrowded population and other poor conditions. It is under the command of the Los Angeles County Probation Department and houses children and minors temporarily while their court proceedings are going on. After the hearing, the minor is then placed back with their parents, in a foster home, put in a camp program that lasts 3 - 12 months or sent to the California Youth authority.

Legal Defense Against All Juvenile Crimes

When a minor is arrested for a criminal offense, they will be facing different criminal procedures than an adult. Therefore, it is critical to retain a legal team that has experience with defending juvenile crimes. Our Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyers will aggressively defend your child against any type of misdemeanor or felony offense, including assault, burglary, defacing property, graffiti, hate crimes, drug possession, drug sales, underage DUI, drunk driving, gang crimes, gun possession, marijuana possession or sales, prescription drugs, murder, aggravated assault, rape, sex crimes, robbery, theft crimes, petty theft, shoplifting, and vandalism.

We can also represent your child during a fitness hearing, transfer to an adult court, sentencing hearing, detention or bail hearing. We have had success with expunging and sealing criminal records.

Contact a Top-Rated Juvenile Crime Defense Team

At Eisner Gorin LLP, our criminal defense attorneys have worked with parents and their children in defending minors charged in Eastlake. These court proceedings can be very scary, both to the underage individual and his or her parents who have to watch as their child goes through a challenging ordeal. Many of these kids are at the wrong place at the wrong time, or are simply hanging out with the wrong crowd. While prosecutors, police and judges may not be willing to take the time to understand all the circumstances, our legal team can provide exactly the defense necessary to protect the child's future.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in Eastlake Juvenile Court, contact our office immediately by calling 877-781-1570. Without a skilled attorney by your side, it could alter your future permanently. We believe the purpose of the juvenile court system is designed for rehabilitation, not punishment. Therefore, our goal is to negotiate with the prosecutors and judges to help your child get rehabilitated rather than receive harsh legal penalties for their offense. We want to protect your child's future.

Eastlake Juvenile Courthouse Location:
1601 Eastlake Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 226-8927

Eastlake Juvenile Court Resource Links:

Contact a Eastlake Juvenile Court criminal lawyer at our law firm to learn how we can protect your child's future.