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Norwalk Court Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer in Norwalk, California

Just off the 5 Freeway and located near the Norwalk Sheriff's Station is the Norwalk courthouse. Citizens of Norwalk are charged with the exact same types of crimes as citizens of any other city.

Defense Lawyers for All Criminal Offenses

Common arrest in Norwalk include domestic violence, drunk driving, DUI, sexual related offenses, drug crimes, such as possession for personal use, under the influence of drugs, and possession of drug for sale. It also includes violent crimes, such as murder, manslaughter and aggravated robbery; theft crimes, including petty theft, shoplifting, grand theft, commercial burglary, residential burglary, auto thefts, and robbery.

In each of these instances, it is vital to have a qualified criminal defense attorney who can provide top notch legal representation. At Eisner Gorin LLP, our attorneys have decades of experience in criminal courts, representing people charged with every type of crime. From first degree murder to petty theft, our lawyers are highly skilled in providing top notch criminal defense.

Call a Top-Rated Criminal Defense Law Firm

One of the best attorney ranking systems in the nation, Martindale, has listed our firm as Top-Notch, meaning that our lawyers are in the top 5% in the nation. With numerous headlines of getting great results for clients, and a long track record of success, our attorneys have built a stellar reputation. After spending years in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, our lawyers began defending people charged with felonies, misdemeanors and DUI.

A felony or a misdemeanor can change a person's life forever. A complete loss of freedom, inability to travel, a loss of job opportunities, being barred from certain neighborhoods, heavy fines and more are all part of a criminal's life. While people throughout the city of Norwalk live their everyday lives, there are countless people who have a severely limited life due to a criminal conviction. Without a skilled lawyer, it is nearly impossible to get the best defense necessary and stay out of jail. If you or a love one has been charged with a crime, contact our law firm immediately. Your future could depend upon it.

For a free consultation, call our law firm at 877-781-1570.

Norwalk Courthouse Location:
12720 Norwalk Blvd Norwalk, CA 90650
(562) 807-7256

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Contact a Norwalk criminal defense lawyer for a free case review and information about how we can defend you.