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San Fernando Court Criminal Defense Attorney

Legal Defense Against Criminal Cases in San Fernando Court

Eisner Gorin LLP has successfully represented a number of clients in this courthouse, including people charged with sex crimes, driving under the influence (DUI), drug crimes and more. Our sophisticated knowledge of the law and in-depth understanding of the prosecution's tactics allow our lawyers to craft a legal defense for any client.

Defending people charged with crimes in San Fernando requires an attorney who is familiar with the judges, juries, prosecutors, law enforcement and other factors in that jurisdiction. While many lawyers may claim to be able to defend people in the San Fernando courts, our firm has actual experience in successfully reducing sentences, getting plea bargains and helping our clients retain their freedoms.

The penalties that can be handed down in this court are extreme. They range from small fines to years, even decades, in jail. Whether you have been arrested for, charged with or investigated for a crime and are brought to this courthouse, you need to contact a qualified attorney immediately.

Types of Criminal Cases We Defend

  • Violent Crimes - including assault, battery, murder, homicide, manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon
  • Sex Crimes - including sexual assault, rape, child pornography, sex with a minor, Megan's Law issues
  • Drug Crimes - including possession, distribution, trafficking, manufacturing, sales, and federal drug offenses
  • Internet Crimes - including identity theft, credit card fraud, internet pornography, online solicitation of minors
  • Theft Crimes - including robbery, burglary, petty theft, grand theft, forgery, carjacking, receiving stolen property
  • DUI - including vehicular manslaughter, felony drunk driving, underage DUI, commercial DUI, multiple DUI offenses

Contact a San Fernando Criminal Lawyer

It is important that you act quickly by retaining a defense attorney at our law firm if you are scheduled to appear in the San Fernando Court. We understand the legal consequences of a conviction and will aggressively defend you against any type of charges. Early intervention by one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers can have a positive impact on the outcome of your case. The relationships we have developed over our five decades of practicing criminal law is invaluable in helping our clients.

If you have been charged with a crime and are going to be formally arraigned in the San Fernando Courthouse, contact our law firm immediately by calling 877-781-1570. With provide top-notch criminal defense for our clients. We are AV-Rated by Martindale, one of the best attorney rating systems in the country. Call us today.

San Fernando Courthouse Location:
900 Third Street, San Fernando, CA 91340
(818) 898-2401

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Contact a San Fernando criminal attorney at our law firm to discuss your case and let us explain how we can defend you.