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Van Nuys Court Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing Criminal Charges in the Van Nuys Courthouse?

Eisner Gorin LLP represents clients throughout Los Angeles County, including the Van Nuys Superior Court. Our criminal defense attorneys have successfully represented clients in a variety of legal matters, including all types of felony and misdemeanors charges, as well as in other legal proceedings. Whether in or out of the courthouse, our lawyers possess an in-depth knowledge of the law, Southern California courts, prosecutors, law enforcement and more.

Types of Criminal Cases We Defend

The firm handles many areas of criminal law, including violent crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence, child molestation, child pornography, federal crimes, drunk driving (DUI), drug crimes, theft crimes, internet crimes and many others. These areas of law require a highly skilled legal mind that can help people overcome a complicated legal system. There are three strike laws to worry about and even Megan's Law which governs sex crimes in California. For DUI, there are issues such as probation, driving classes, restitution, loss of license and other issues to be concerned about.

Law Firm Committed to Our Clients

For our defense lawyers, it is important that each of them fully understands the full story. This is why the firm has an initial consultation with each client to discuss the entire story, all the potential evidence and other factors which could impact the case. The thorough nature of our attorneys is one of the things that sets our firm apart.

Contact an Experienced Van Nuys Criminal Lawyer

With a successful track record that spans more than 50 combined years, our highly rated legal team is equipped to handle even the most dire legal situation. Martindale has given the firm an "AV" rating which is the highest possible, and with each of the partners working in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, our background is highly sought after.

As experienced defense lawyers, we are very familiar with every aspect of California criminal laws and will use this knowledge for our clients' benefit. We know how the Van Nuys prosecutor will attempt to build their case against you. Therefore, we are able to prepare a strong legal defense. We are also skilled negotiators and will attempt to have your criminal charges reduced or dismissed. If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys regarding any legal situation, call us at 877-781-1570 today.

Van Nuys Courthouse Location:
14400 Erwin Street Mall, Van Nuys, CA 91401
(818) 374-2903

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Contact a Van Nuys criminal defense lawyer at our law firm for immediate help with your legal matter.