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West Covina Court Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer in West Covina, California

The court is located on the eastern part of Los Angeles County and handles all manner of criminal matters, including misdemeanors and felonies.

Top-Rated Law Firm for All Criminal Offenses

In West Covina, there are a number of different types of crimes. This includes drunk driving (DUI), vehicular manslaughter, sex crimes, drug crimes, drug possession, theft crimes, federal crimes, petty theft, fraud crimes, robbery and more. Our lawyers have experience defending people from all sorts of criminal charges, including grand theft auto, murder, manslaughter, solicitation, child pornography and more.

Call Experience Defense Lawyers to Represent You

At Eisner Gorin LLP, our criminal defense lawyers spend hours tirelessly crafting unique defenses for people charged with all manner of crimes. Each client we serve gets the full attention of our legal team, and we are a complete ally no matter how difficult the case may be. We have over 50 years of experience defending people charged with crimes, which includes years working in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office. We utilize this experience and knowledge on behalf of our clients to make sure the create the best defense possible. With this background, we understand police tactics, prosecutor motivation and how judges operate.

For years, people have trusted public defenders who have overloaded case loads or just pled guilty to the charges. In the end, this is dangerous and could risk your entire future. Having an attorney on your side who understands the system and who has worked with some of the best lawyers in the District Attorney's office could help create just the defense necessary to avoid jail, fines, probation and more.

West Covina Courthouse Location:
1427 W West Covina Pkwy, West Covina, CA 91790
(626) 813-3223

West Covina, California Resource Links:

Contact a West Covina criminal attorney at our law firm for a free case review and for more information about how we will fight your charges.