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Los Angeles Criminal Sentencing Lawyer

Criminal Sentencing Attorney in LA

Our approach in court is often twofold – (1) determining whether the prosecutor can prove the charges based on the evidence, and (2) if so, then to mitigate our client’s possible sentence. The criminal court system in Los Angeles, and throughout Southern California, deals with hundreds and hundreds of cases daily. Our criminal defense attorneys work aggressively to humanize a client to busy criminal judges and prosecutors. Persuading Los Angeles prosecutors, probation officers and judges to recognize that a client’s life cannot be defined based solely on the conduct that brought the person to the courtroom is essential to gaining a just outcome. Few persons are accurately defined by the worst thing they ever did. Unless we intervene to demonstrate the contrary, the default of the justice system is to assume that is the way our client is in his or her daily life.

For criminal defense clients, the offense conduct may often be negative, but the entire picture of the defendant’s life may be far more positive and even inspirational. Showing the entire client’s character to the court requires an in-depth investigation, and is usually a major benefit to the outcome of the case. Character letters from employers, family members, social organizations (church, temple, AYSO, work, wherever client participates) assist our firm’s clients on a daily basis. Humanizing the accused is a substantial factor in obtaining probation for clients, instead of jail or state prison. We also work with private companies to prepare probation reports for the court focusing on our clients’ entire life.

This discussion presumes the prosecution can prove the criminal charges against our clients. If the case has problems of proof that we have developed through an aggressive defense, then we focus on getting the charges reduced or dropped. In the past, we have also been hired even after a client is convicted at jury trial while represented by another firm, or held to answer at a preliminary hearing on serious charges. We then successfully worked to mitigate the potential sentencing.

Contact a Los Angeles sentencing defense attorney for more information.