Some of the famous criminal court cases

Fact is that the United States of America has a really diverse offer of true crime and criminal cases. The public interest in true crime stories is all the time high and here are some famous cases that were fully followed by reason.

Ted Kaczynski case

This was one of the most expensive investigations in FBI history. Ted was a former Harvard graduate known to the public as Unabomber. He was so enraged by the human destruction effect to the nature that he left to an isolated cabin to Montana where he started realizing his idea of creating homemade bombs. This ended up with being responsible for 16 bombings nationwide from which three are counts of murder. He actually was hand-delivering and mailing bombs which injured 23 people and killed three. He pleaded guilty with the same verdict on end.

Ted Bundy case

Just a fact that 250 journalist from around the world traveled to cover this trial says enough. Ted is known as one of the most famous serial killers in the United States crime history. In between his 30 brutal killings he also managed to escape the prison. His final recapturing and murder trials were fully followed by public television. There were truly some gruesome crime situations within his killings as a result of his sadistic personality. He even represented himself at the beginning but after a while he lost confidence, found guilty and executed because given a death penalty.

The Menendez brothers’ case

It is believed by the authorities that these two sons killed gruesomely their parents Jose and Mary. This came to the first trial which ended with two hung juries and this was highly followed by the Court TV. The defense was based on the theory they were abused by their parents which made them kill their parents. On the other trial, there were no cameras allowed and brothers were found guilty. They had no possibility of parole in their sentencing of life in prison. Many documentaries are based on the case of Menendez brothers which made it really famous in the United States public.

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